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At GO4it Property Investments we believe that investing in property should be straightforward hassle free but also and more importantly, about building relationships with clients and future business partners.

Our aim is to find the very best in UK property and apply a number of strategies not only to grow our property portfolio but also, to introduce our clients to attractive investment deals that work for them across the UK.

Stefano Annecchiarico

“Having worked in the motor trade for 20 odd years, I decided at the back end of 2018 to hang up my boots and pursue an exciting new path into the property world. The sheer hunger and desire to create a lasting legacy to eventually pass on to my children, was so overwhelming and a no brainer that I’ve not looked back since.

Even more exciting is the formation of a Business Partnership which I have no doubt will grow from year on year and with a simple motto: “To work together with passion and just GO 4 IT”.

Aurelio Lanna

“Being a Soux Chef I know all about the sacrifices of working hard and long hours which is why a huge change was needed in my life and what better way to do this than to dive into the fantastic world of property. The dream was always to work for myself and my family rather than for someone else.

Being around like minded people has changed my way of thinking and rather than working harder, I believe in working smarter and with this powerful foursome, we are making this happen”.

Giuseppe Marino

“Ever since I was a child, it was always said that to become anything or anyone, you need to study hard, get a secure job with a good salary to eventually pay for a pension and being safe was the right thing to do.

After 15 years in various jobs that were mainly customer service orientated, I soon realised that this wasn’t the life for me and I wanted to work for myself and NOT for someone else. I’m very much a people’s person and really believe in building on existing business relationships as well as creating new ones.
I’m passionate about what we are trying to achieve and with a strong and positive mindset, we can achieve this and more”.

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We are a fully compliant Property Investment Company.